Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stomp box clone (Big Muff)

At the BuildBrighton hackspace we have a workshop planned for DIY stompbox builders. We'll probably be concentrating on a Fuzzface clone since thats nice and simple. Just to make sure we knew what we're doing we put together a couple of Fuzz face circuits last week, and they worked!

Inspired by this, and being a lover of the Line5 "Fuzz Pi" (Emulation of the Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi) model for bass and guitar, I decided to try to make a Bigmuff clone of my own - complete with a proper case et al. I worked from (and fully credit) the following online schematics

I also added a bypass and  a three-state indicator LED showing "standby" (guitar connected, effect bypassed) as a dim glow and "on" as a bright glow (just with 2 different series resistances). This needs a 3PDT switch.

I was pretty pleased with the result... a nice edgey fuzz with enough bottom to work well on a bass (my main instrument)