Monday, 3 May 2010

Motion detection to midi with puredata

another experiment with puredata, webcam image is passed through pix_movement object and a pix_blob turns the result into two midi note streams which are sent into reason via midi yoke. the image is the output of the pix_movement (difference between frames)

I put the pd patch at (motion noise.pd)

The patch outputs on midi channels 1 and 2. I used midi yoke and PD's midi output, then piped this into propellerheads reason, where you can use the "advanced midi" to set up midi bus A then lock down channels 1 and 2 to specific instruments in the rack. I used an NNXT with glockenspiel patch and nn19 with strings patch


  1. download is ?

  2. ..given above: (file is motion noise.pd)

  3. looks like exactly what Im looking for. I downloaded and installed Pd version 0.41.4-extended. but cannot understand how to get he PD to work. how do you do this? My insight webcamera doesnt seem to work. (using mac snow leopard)

    Thanks for help

  4. hmm... i don't have a mac, but on the pc i got PD to work pretty much right away... try the tutorials for PD and see if you can get them to work. Another thing is i don't know if midi-yoke works on the mac, you might need to find an equivalent way for the midi output of one app to hook into the midi input of another... you might need to find a mac PD expert.

  5. Ho provato a ricreaare la pacht , perchè dopo il moltiplicatore a me i num rimangono 0 e non (30.33, 64.56 69.96) e qndo scrivo alla fine [pd gemwin] mi diventa 1 oggetto senza possibilità di collegamenti e si apre 1 gem bianca ?? cm mai non mi funziona???